‘A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma’ – Winston Churchill on Russia


An oligarch of the underground, a shadowy patriarch of a Russia imbued deep in the flesh of London society, Vincent is Hannah Martin’s infatuation for this collection.

In a sinister world powered by the furtive dealings of presumed businessmen, his disquieting charm impeccably masks a cold and brutal core. He moves untouchable, wielding an enigmatic power over those naively daring to cross his path.

The unpardonable history of such a domain bequeaths an unforgiving heritage: This is a legacy of iconic symbols powerful in meaning to few, inexplicably haunting to all.

Hannah’s inspiration is taken from Soviet Modernist architecture, Russian communist propaganda graphics and the story of the Romanov’s – the last Tsar’s of Russia. Radiating graphic lines are carved into surfaces and iconic facet shapes. The Romanov eagle, and layered rings in red, yellow and white gold are traditional in their source yet modern in their detail.

The graphic beauty of such talismanic insignia invokes a vision of Imperial Russian fire, fierce and unpredictable. These relics of a mercenary existence strike terror into the hearts of some, and empowerment into the souls of others.

Infiltrate an unscrupulous realm of disquiet, to command allegiance amongst the fallen angels of a brutal empire.