Product Care

Dust, pollution and daily wear can all add to the gradual dulling of your beautiful jewels. The brilliance of a gemstone can become clouded and the surface of platinum and gold lose its shine.

We suggest that your jewellery receive periodic professional maintenance. You can take your pieces to a local jeweller to be cleaned, or contact our Client Services team and we can organise this service for you.

Most diamond and precious stone jewellery (with the exception of opals and emeralds) can be cleaned in warm water, using a mild detergent such as Fairy Liquid. You will be surprised at how effective this is. You can also use a very soft toothbrush to get into any hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Always dry your jewellery after cleaning with a soft cloth.

General wear and tear can cause stone settings to loosen over time. If your piece does include precious stones, we recommend a setting-check approximately every two years. This is a service we offer and you can contact Client Services for further information.

Since many genuine gemstones and especially pearls are quite delicate, hot water, harsh chemicals and cleaners should be avoided at all times.

Never use a liquid jewellery-dip to clean your piece - these commercial products can cause lasting damage to metal and stones. Should you wish to polish your piece yourself you can use a jewellery polishing cloth. These are available from most jewellers, or we can organise getting one to you.