‘The man who knows everything and never dies’ – Voltaire, 1760.

Series II of the collection The Man Who Knows Everything.

The infamous Comte De St Germain appears throughout history across the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Always impeccably dressed, he remained the same age and his death was reported at least six times.

Un-place-able and untraceable, he was reportedly the lover of both Marie Antoinette and Madame Pompadaour. Acknowledged in the writings of Voltaire, Pushkin and Horace Walpole, this collection is a visual dedication to a man beyond time, beyond scientific limits and beyond reality – both highly modern and unspeakably ancient.

This collection, delirious and drenched in blinding lights, reflects the intensity of Hannah’s muse. A range of hyper-real, shamanistic jewels that seem to tell the unspoken tales of the Russian Tsars and secrets from within the courts of Louis the XIV.

Series I took its focus from the undying triangle and a neon palette; Series II is a twilight experience that reflects upon the period of enlightenment and Russian Art Deco. Spherical shapes resemble time altering apparatus, blackest rhodium, onyx and enamel offer sobriety within this visual journal to the coloured intensity of amethyst, emerald and deep blue sapphire. This study into omnipotence challenges the very roots of jewellery craftsmanship and design narrative.