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‘The man who knows everything and never dies’Voltaire, 1760.

Series 1 of the collection The Man Who Knows Everything.

The infamous Comte de St Germain appears throughout history across the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. He remained the same age, always impeccably, yet simply dressed to fit his transient surroundings. His only remarkable finery was the jewels that filled his traveling cases and trunks.

Un-place-able and untraceable, he is a man worthy of word from Marie Antoinette and Madame Pompadaour; of acknowledgment in the writings of Voltaire, Pushkin and Horace Walpole. This collection from Hannah Martin is a visual dedication to a man beyond time, beyond scientific limits – both highly modern and unspeakably ancient.

The triangular form is visually prevalent in Masonic circles, and is at the foundation of this story. This geometrically perfect shape has been elegantly skewed by the un-wielding power of the Man Who. The ancient symbol of esoteric power has been finely mutated into an iconic piece of sculpture.

These are jewels to invoke euphoria through alchemistic promises. Intensely coloured stones are mixed to hallucinogenic effect upon structures that find their source within constructivist and monumental architecture. Delirious and drenched in blinding lights, these pieces reflect the intensity of Hannah’s latest investigation into the boundaries of masculinity.