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“The only performance that really makes it, that makes it all the way…*”


Debauchery and the all-consuming desires of lust and addiction provide the dangerous undertones for Hannah’s collection The Only Performance.

Conjuring up a world of notably bad behaviour and vice with its brutal beauty, this collection toys with the dark and enigmatic glamour of a menacing underworld populated by gangsters, hell-raisers and fallen rock stars.

This collection is an homage to London, and its dark and hidden depths.

Uncompromisingly oversized studs and savage knuckledusters provide the masculinity that proves both seductive and decadent. Razor-sharp edges and lines form graphic accent for bold and sculptural pieces. Unashamedly wild, this is jewellery for those whose degenerate and dissolute deeds are perpetually flawless in style and audacity.

Lose your inhibitions forever, as The Only Performance dares you to enter a world where hedonism and depraved elegance reign supreme…


*Mick Jagger as Turner in Performance. Dir. Donald Cammell/Nicholas Roeg. 1970.