‘The man who knows everything and never dies’ – Voltaire, 1760.

The emergence of Series III is recalcitrant in it’s splendour – Delirium is a frenzied finale of hallucinatory effect to complete the enduring story of The Man Who Knows Everything.

The infamous Comte de St Germain was a man of unknown origins and unknown end – an alchemist who reportedly had discovered the elixir of life. Appearing across centuries of history, the lover of princesses and muse to the likes of Pushkin and Voltaire, he was a man with no boundaries of place or time. Delirium pays homage to this un-place-able muse – a visual dedication to a man beyond limits, both highly modern and unspeakably ancient.

Sacred hexagons in 18 carat gold imprison an escaping, time-evading, florid palette, with a nod to brulatist and monumental architecture. Rich combinations of texture further the intoxication as basse taille enamel is combined with hexagon-cut emeralds, forming an instant warping of the hyperreal.

Having journeyed through blinding daylight in Series I, and through orbital space in Series II, Series III transports us to a place beyond the mind, beyond immortality, of fevered potency within delirious omnipotence.