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Aguila Dorada sees Hannah embark upon a journey through a world of sly endeavours; of deceitful exploits upon the high seas; of men who have stories to tell that will make blood curdle and hearts race. This is a place where crooks cast charm with legends yet to forge. These men have seen the furthest corners of the world and defied death in search of an ultimate freedom.

Following her lifelong fascination for masculinity, this exploration is Hannah’s tribute to men of the high seas. A collection of pirate gold and ill-gotten treasure – this is jewellery for the wild and the untamed.

Inspired by guns and galleons, villains and vagabonds, Hannah brings her narrative to life in hand-carved shapes that are curvaceous and luxurious in their detail. Myth becomes reality in solid vision, seducing the dark hearted, fierce and ultimately glamorous beings that answer its call.

Solid gold shackles are weighty and intended to restrain and adorn in deviant elegance. Muskets and eagles are interpreted into rings with fusions of yellow and rose gold.   Tahitian black pearls are stabbed through their very heart, as amber sapphires and brown diamonds embellish Hannah’s refined take on knotted ropes, ship’s tackle and long-forgotten antiquities.

Men beware, your light-fingered women will only have eyes for your gold.