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Solaris Empty Medallion

£8,500.00 US$17,000.00 €17,000.00 £7,083.33 US$14,166.67 €14,166.67 £8,500.00 US$17,000.00 €17,000.00 £7,083.33 US$14,166.67 €14,166.67

Gold medallion pendant with encircling dark blue sapphires, emeralds and black diamonds.

Made to order, 5 weeks
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The orbiting of planets inspire the subtle volume changes of this black rhodium-plated white gold necklace. A graduation of stone sizes encircle the piece, and in place of a usual centre stone, there is space with a focus on the sensuality of exposing the skin.

The Solaris Empty Medallion can be customised including length of chain.

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18 carat white gold plated with black rhodium

1.00 carat of dark blue sapphires

0.95 carats of emeralds

0.80 carats of black diamonds

50 cm 18 carat white gold chain plated with black rhodium


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