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Our working process from start to finish is outlined below. Please select a section to expand it for further information.

  • Before we begin ... the costs explained

    In the name of transparency, we split our pricing between a one-off design fee and the cost of the piece itself. We offer this fee in different Design Packages, listed below, to suit varying budgets. This way you can be sure there are no hidden costs worked into the price of your jewel itself.

    * Please note we have a £5000 minimum bespoke spend.


    Bespoke Package 1:   £700

    2 x initial design concepts, insurance valuation

    Bespoke Package 2:   £850

    2 x initial design concepts, original hand painting, insurance valuation

    Bespoke Package 3:   £1,000

    3 x initial design concepts, original hand painting, insurance valuation

    Bespoke Package 4:   £1,500

    3 x initial design concepts, original hand painting, HM glass display dome, 5 complimentary setting check & re-polish, insurance valuation



    Additional designs outside of package selected are priced at £150

    Additional hand-paintings outside of package are priced at £350

    HANNAH MARTIN DISPLAY DOMES created in hand-blown glass and hand-turned wood

    – SMALL £250 for rings, small earrings & cufflinks

    – MEDIUM £325 for pendants, large earrings & bracelets

    – LARGE £450 for large necklaces, or multi-piece displays

  • The Introduction: phone call & first meeting

    • Phone Call

    We will organize an introductory phone call with you to explain the finer details of our process, get a basic understanding of your bespoke goals, and of course give you an opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

    • First meeting

    You will be welcomed into our Clerkenwell studios for a first (no obligations) chat with Hannah over a cup of tea. The aim of this meeting is to create an overview of the relevant timelines, budget and design direction. We will also be happy show you our large archive of past commissions, to give you a good understanding of the possibilities of this journey.

    If a physical meeting is not possible, we can very easily organize as face-to-face video call to the same effect. Above all, we want to ensure that you are happy with the dynamics between you and Hannah.

  • Design downpayment

    Once you are happy to proceed and a brief & budget have been decided, we will invoice you for the agreed design-package price (Please refer to ‘Costs Explained’ above for details of Bespoke Packages 1-4).

    This initial payment is seen as a commitment from both yourself and Hannah to the bespoke journey. Hannah’s design time will be booked as soon as your payment has been made and we will confirm a timeline for First Stage Design Presentation.

  • First stage design presentation

    Hannah will present your initial designs at your second meeting, which will be discussed in detail, and where relevant alongside a selection of stones.

    During this time, you will be invited to make comment on any aspect of the design process, in order to guide Hannah to a final design that you will be happy with.

  • Design amendment & second stage design presentation

    Designs will be refined as per your conversations in the presenation meeting, and a final design will be created. If appropriate we are also able to produce a 3D-printed resin model of your design.

    Once this is complete, and any new or additional stones have been sourced, you will be invited in for a final consultation to sign off the design for hand painting.

  • Hand painting, final presentation & sign-off

    Hannah will create a custom illustration of your design using the traditional jeweller’s technique of hand painting in gouache. Hand painting of jewellery is rare in today’s industry and an art form in itself.

    The purpose of this painted rendering is to give you a clear vision of the 3-dimensional qualities of your design, as well as to understand the colour options, if this has not yet been decided.

    From this final rendering we will ask you to sign off your design for production.

  • Deposit & production

    Once you are happy with the final design, we will ask you to formally commission its creation into physical form. Upon commission, you will be asked to make payment of 50% of the total cost of the piece. As soon as payment has been received, production of your piece will commence, and a completion date can be confirmed.

    We normally allow 6 – 8 weeks for craftsmanship, although this can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the piece. A clear time frame will be discussed with you on the sign off of your design.

    N.B: The purchase of significant central stones may be invoiced separately at the commencement of production or at the time of selection (whichever comes earlier), however this will be discussed with you and made clear during your meetings.

  • Completion, final invoice & collection

    Once your creation is complete, you will be notified via email along with a final invoice. We ask that this invoice is cleared before your piece leaves us. This can be done via bank transfer prior to pick up, or with a credit card at the time of pick up.

    If London is accessible for you, we invite you back into the showroom for a viewing and collection. Otherwise we will happily organise secure shipping where appropriate.

    Seeing your bespoke masterpiece for the first time is always a moment to remember – and for the whole team at Hannah Martin London it is the favourite part of the journey.