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The bespoke process is one that Hannah cherishes. The desire to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces of high-end jewellery has been the driving force of her career to date.

Hannah’s route into design is through narrative, so the understanding and translation of character into the physical form of jewellery is something that she is highly versed in. Her sensibility to the personalities of her private clients inspires her to create exquisitely unique and highly personal pieces of jewellery.

Befitting the rest of the brand, each bespoke commission is made for you in London by our team of highly skilled craftsmen. Hannah’s original hand-painted artwork, certificates for all important stones and an insurance valuation are also made available.

We work with a handful of the world’s top stone dealers to provide you with the ultimate gem for your creation. Not only are you able to handpick stones, but should you wish you can also design your very own cut.

Whether creating an engagement ring, or remodeling a family heirloom,Hannah and her team will exceed all expectations of customer service and deliver a collectible to hand down through the generations.