Hannah Martin

Hannah Martin Portrait

Hannah is the driving force behind the creative side of the brand. A self-proclaimed collector of all things beautiful, luxurious or just plain macabre. She answers her calling by creating pieces of collectible sculpture for the body.

Always following the notion that jewellery should give the wearer something more unique and desirable than any other item in a wardrobe, she pushes herself to the very limit in her design process, never stopping until a piece is perfect.

Hannah is the creative director, and was the founder of the brand in 2005 following her return to London from Cartier in Paris, and 1st Class Degree from Central Saint Martins.


Nathan Morse

Nathan Morse Portrait

Nathan is the fuel that drives the communication of Hannah’s vision. His background lies firmly in creative events and promotion, relishing the opportunity to make some noise around what makes this designer so special.

Having spent time in the luxury sector in London, and in events in the USA, he found his love for jewellery after meeting Hannah at the beginning of 2006;  enjoying the possibilities of creating a firm whisper campaign around the timelessness of the Hannah Martin brand and its product offering, in sharp contrast to the more seasonal transience found elsewhere in the luxury marketplace.

Himself a graduate of London College of Fashion, Nathan became partner in 2008, and oversees the management of the brand and the international communication strategy.


Emily Giffard-Taylor

Emily Giffard Taylor Portrait

Emily is everyone’s dream team-member, working closely alongside Hannah and Nathan in the management of the design studio, showroom and workshop.

Boasting a wealth of experience in the fields of editorial, online publishing and styling, Emily works with the UK press, making sure that every journalist and stylist gets what they need, on time. Most importantly, Emily is the link between client and studio.


All portraits by Joss McKinley.