Customer Service


Please see our Delivery Options page for a full run down of the delivery services we offer.


Because all our products are handmade in limited runs, we don’t always hold stock of every item.

If the piece you crave is available, but not currently at the studio, you will see a little note that it is ‘Made to Order’

Worry not, you will have your jewel, but it may just take a little while longer as we have it made especially for you.

You will be informed if this is the case – and orders take anything between 10 – 28 days to complete, depending on the complexity of the piece. We will update you of the expected delivery time with your confirmation email.

If you have any queries, or are in an exceptional hurry please email the team on and we will do our very best to help you.

Time in the manufacture means a quality, luxury product that will be with you for ever.

Thank you for your patience.


We are happy to organise Valuation of your piece after completion – at a standard cost of 3% of the value of the piece.

We can also have your piece photographed, or even organise a fashion photo-shoot with yourself and your piece as the stars, using professional photographers and stylist to bring the best out in both of you!Just let us know whatever it is that will fulfill your wildest dreams.


We understand jewellery.

We know that it is something personal, something intimate, something that writes its own history for its wearer.

With this in mind we know that our clients often like to personalise the jewellery they order from us.We are happy to engrave your piece – with initials, a secret message to a loved one, or poignant word or two to mark a moment in time…

We can also change the colours of the stones we use, or even the metal – each piece is hand made here in London, so your wish is our command.

Please email us at with your personal requests.


Hannah Martin London celebrates the identity of every client, regardless of gender. As such, our aim is for you to own jewellery that is bound to your character – an alteration to one of our designs may be the way to achieve this. Unlike other jewellers, our customisation service offers the opportunity to adapt Hannah’s current designs enabling you to truly express yourself through our pieces.

We will guide you through the customisation process, advising you of not only what is possible, but also to ensure that the best results are achieved. We guarantee our expert craftsman shall do everything within their power to fulfill your wishes. Whether making changes to metal, pearls or jewels, we will ensure delivery of the most rare and special piece to wear yourself or to gift.

When you have selected your preferred piece to customize, simply email stating the item and any alterations you desire. Our team shall then be in contact with advice on all possibilities, a full quote and all relevant information. A customization charge of £250 will be applied in addition to labour and material costs.


Dust, pollution and daily wear can all add to the gradual dulling of your beautiful jewels. The brilliance of a gemstone can become clouded and the surface of platinum and gold lose its shine.

We suggest that your jewellery receive periodic professional maintenance. You can take your pieces to a local jeweller to be cleaned, or contact our Client Desk and we can organise this service for you.

However, between professional cleanings, we recommend the occasional bit of DIY!

Most diamond and precious stone jewellery (with the exception of opals and emeralds) can be cleaned in warm water, using a mild detergent such as Fairy Liquid. You will be surprised at how effective this is. You can also use a very soft toothbrush to get into any hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Always dry your jewellery after cleaning with a soft cloth.

Since many genuine gemstones and especially pearls are quite delicate, hot water, harsh chemicals and cleaners should be avoided at all times.

Very porous stones such as pearls, opals and emeralds should be cleaned using an untreated, dry, soft cloth ONLY. We do not recommend the use of any jewellery polishing cloths which have been treated with cleaners or polishing agents.

You should keep all jewellery in an enclosed space – for example in a pouch or polythene bag inside a jewellery box.


Hannah Martin offers gifting in a traditional and simple way as our gift vouchers allow you to nominate an amount to cover or contribute towards your loved one’s choice from our repertoire of designs.

Never predictable in our execution, our vouchers are hand set and printed on a truly rare Albion Press in the heart of East London, making them an object of desire to treasure long after the value has been spent.

Each card has its own uniquely generated code, allowing the recipient to use them against any purchase online or for bespoke orders.

Please visit our GIFTS page to order gift vouchers.