The Team

Hannah & Nathan

Hannah Martin and Nathan Morse are at the core of the brand, and have been since they met in 2006. With a shared respect of craftsmanship and love of superior service levels, this pair have always intended to do things differently, to find a way to do things ‘better’.

They are the driving force of the brand, firmly believing that independence is their strongest asset as well as the fact that everything they produce supports their local community and the British economy.

They first bonded over a few too many gin and tonics and a 5 am finish, the rest has been a natural development of friendship, support, nurturing and laughter.

Hannah Martin

Hannah is the brain behind the visual identity of the brand. A self-proclaimed collector of all things beautiful, luxurious or just plain macabre. She answers her calling by creating contemporary yet collectible jewellery that should be handed down through the generations.

Always following the notion that jewellery should give the wearer something more unique and desirable than any other item in a wardrobe, she pushes herself to the very limit in her design process, never stopping until a piece is perfect.

Hannah is the creative director, and was the founder of the brand in 2005 following her 1st Class Degree from Central Saint Martins and her return to London from Paris, where she worked with one of the most internationally recognised names in fine jewellery.

Nathan Morse

Nathan is the fuel that drives the communication of Hannah’s vision. He is responsible from the point of design completion onwards. He directs each aspect of the brand from marketing and public relations to client service delivery and quality control.

Nathan's background lies firmly in creative events and promotion, primarily in the USA and UK. He relishes the opportunity to make some noise around what makes his partner’s work so special, underlining the importance of timelessness, exclusivity and craftsmanship in all the brand produces.

Himself a graduate of London College of Fashion, Nathan became partner in 2008, and directs the management of the brand and the international communication strategy.

Johanna Rodriguez

Jo works closely alongside Hannah and Nathan in the management of the design studio, showroom and workshop. Jo oversees both international press and clients, making sure that each one gets what they needs, on time. She is the stealth team mate that works swiftly and elegantly to see that the day runs smoothly in the studio.

Matt Mackeson

Based in the workshop, Matt works closely with Hannah to develop her designs into reality. Matt’s craftsmanship skills allow him to articulate this vision in precise detail and highest level of finishing. His knowledge of both hand and computer aided techniques bring invaluable knowledge to the Hannah Martin brand.

All portraits by Chad & Paul.