Process & Craftsmanship

In direct reaction to today’s culture of over-production and over-consumption, the belief at Hannah Martin is to make products that are clearly well crafted, and of the finest quality. Flying in the face of seasonal, over-branded (and overly-fast) goods, the focus has been and always will be, on a strong design identity embodied in the integrity of high-end materials.

Each piece is produced to strict limited edition by hand using London’s finest craftsmen, both in our own studio and through an intricate network of specialists in Hatton Garden: we are unabashedly proud of our direct link to the historic nature of craft itself.

From the embryonic moment of fission in Hannah’s mind, and the subsequent stages of character and story development, model making and hand-carving, all the way through to setting, polishing and hallmarking, there is a lot of love and heart that goes into each and every piece that we make. This passion for process is what we believe allows us to offer something entirely exceptional.

Rather than attempt to put into words the many intricate, painstaking and highly-skilled processes that we go through in putting together a piece of jewellery, we have made a film in order to tell this vital part of our tale.

HM In Process from Hannah Martin on Vimeo.

HM in Process | A film by Ipancu Films in collaboration with Hannah Martin Ltd
Directed by Ian Rodney Wooldridge | Cinematography by Pacu Trautvetter | Produced by Nathan Morse